Ascenttra, the next level of training and preparedness exercises

About Us

Ascenttra is one of the most experienced exercise design firms in the United States. The exercises range from a single agency to our nation's largest national level exercises. Ascenttra manages the design, develops, conducts, and evaluates small and large-scale exercises of all seven Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program exercise types and is an expert in multi-jurisdictional, multi-discipline, multi-agency exercises.

Ascenttra is nationally recognized, and is the only company that is certified to perform Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program instruction for both the Department of Homeland Security and the Emergency Management Institute.

Ascenttra provides you with outstanding training and an exercise program proven to succeed. We have trained leaders in emergency services and experienced exercise planners, instructors, controllers and evaluators.

Our corporate experience provides real world hands-on training in emergency skills, management, continuity, and more. We have a proven ability to plan, facilitate, and execute large-scale or small-scale practical training evolutions that provide students with an excellent, safe, and rewarding learning environment without unnecessary idle time.

The Ascenttra team is uniquely qualified to assist you in obtaining objective assessments of your organization's capabilities so that gaps, deficiencies, and vulnerabilities are identified and remedied prior to a real incident.